Casino Games With The Highest RTP

Everyone would like to experience the feeling of your adrenaline getting high and the nerve-racking feeling of wagering. When you bet, you might feel that your heart will burst out of the rib and feel very lively. This is what gambling lets you experience. The game’s randomness and the rewarding element make them worthy of a try.

But if you want to experience gambling without risking a lot, you should consider the game’s return to players rate (RTP). The RTP rate will show you the approximate amount you are expected to gain over a period. Since casinos are highly volatile, their general RTP rate will be between 95% and 98%. But if you want to rule out the risks and improve your winning opportunity, you may try the casino games given below.

Lightening Blackjack (developed by Evolution)


Lighting Blackjack, developed by Evolution, is one such game that has an RTP rate of over 99%. This is one such game that enhances the winning opportunities for the players. It follows regular blackjack rules, but they differ because they use a random number generator to enhance the winning opportunity. The traditional blackjack winnings are paid in 1:1, but Lightening Blackjack gives you a 2X winning opportunity. From 2 to 17, each of them is given in 2X prizes. But 18 to 21 will get the multiplier.

Mega joker (developed by NetEnt)

Modern casinos, both online and offline offer five-reel grids. But the NetEnt’s Mega joker is an upgraded casino game version and has taken huge inspiration from retro slot games. With two of the three classic reel grids, this game lets the players win twice the win. Moreover, they offer progressive jackpots that raise their payout with each player’s wager. This means the online casino Mega joker games have become more rewarding than the traditional ones in brick–and–mortar casinos.

1429 Uncharted Seas (developed by Thunderkick)

One of the characteristics of most slot games is they can be stressful, especially if you are a new player; you might find it overwhelming. 1429 Uncharted Seas, developed by Thunderkick, is one of the casino games that lets the players relax and relieve all their stress. The game is centered on an exploration theme and offers a high RTP rate of over 98%. In addition, the game is low volatile and allows you to play with any currency you want, making them a very popular choice.

Bombay Club Baruto Baccarat (developed by OneTouch)

Baccarat, just like blackjack, is a live game with a high RTP of 98%. The game has different variations of bets and has many simple side bets as well. If you are new to the casino world, you can try these games as it offers many simple options. You can also bet on the banker and player.

If you are new to the casino gaming world and are unsure which one to pick up, look for the RTP. You can play the game with high RTP and make huge winnings.